“Resurrection” History meets Heresy ~ Art Scripture and the Church

A talk on Resurrection given by Brother Judge Rutherford Second President to the Watchtower Bible and tract Society, which was recorded in Hollywood California possibly while he was residing at Beth Siren, has triggered me to research Jesus’ life and his involvement in a movement known as the Essenes. In my research, I have come across countless times the “Mysteries” or “Sacred Knowledge” of its initiates. What does this have to do with resurrection? And what does it have to do with the Judge’s recorded lecture?

What exactly does the last resurrection mean? To answer this we need to investigate what they are talking about, concerning the gospels. One also needs to look further-deeper because the bible is chock-full of metaphor. Being that the Watchtower Societies grassroots are knee-deep into this, we need to look past the literal and dig deeper for the gems. As we recall Jesus’ words of “babes” and how when you are a babe you drink milk but when you have matured you are “ready” to eat solid food. This is to illustrate and set the stage for stages or steps to Spiritual maturity. So, let’s start with Jesus and what we know. Biblical scholars agree that the historic Jesus belonged to An Essene “Brotherhood”. This brotherhood was founded by Elijah at Mount Carmel or what is also known as Armageddon, a plain at the foot of the Mount of Carmel which is today present-day Israel, this according to Elaine Pagels in her book “Revelations.” In John’s Revelation, his vision speaks of this place where war takes place. But looking even closer to what happens we need to look to other scriptures. And to do this I want to turn your attention to Jesus and his baptism. What exactly happened to him just after he surfaces from his water immersion? The heavens were opened and he heard a voice, and then what happens? He is immediately led off into the wilderness, into darkness and is tempted by Satan. “And there came a voice from heaven, saying Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. And immediately the Spirit driveth him into the wilderness. St. Mark 1:11 &12 ~ Authorized King James Version

Study the Art piece here (above) of Jesus being tempting by Satan. Notice Jesus is still in his temple. He’s at the roof of the temple and he appears to have an illuminated halo over his head. Thus, the two other figures have this same halo. Notice the dark figure that of Satan this figure has no lighted halo. Jesus is clearly not in any wilderness but at a rooftop. What is the artist trying to tell us? Let’s start with the far left. This creature appears to be our old friend Thoth he is being ministered to by possibly St. John, while Satan is tempting Jesus. Then to the right, we have another figure which appears to be an angel but wait in the Scriptures, we are told two angels ministered to him. We have here an angel of light and an angel of darkness those are the only figures with wings ministering to Jesus. Then over to the far right is another ancient coming in could it be Enoch? I find this piece of art fascinating and I’m sure that when I move forward in my research more hidden wisdom will reveal itself. So I will add more allegory later. But from what I have learned, what we are witnessing here is channeling. An inner journey of consciousness.

Looking further into the Essenes rituals. First according to the Church of the Essenes website Jesus /Jeshu) was born to Mariam and Yoseph the Nazarites of Mt. Carmel, I think too is important to note that Jesus’ parents were of this region of Mt. Carmel.

They practiced a ritual of death and then resurrection after 3 days. I believe this to be an allegory of spiritual death and resurrection of the soul. In the book of Thomas 1:1, Jesus said: “Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death.” Jesus is saying that once you are enlightened you understand immortality and the journey of the soul. This information was heresy when it comes to the Church. Thus this book was destroyed only to resurface once again in the Nag Hammadi Library.

Life, death and a rebirth process to enlightenment? Opening to the keys of the kingdom that lies within? This would be disastrous to the Church and its political stance at the time. As history has proved the Church was successful forcing this secret doctrine to go underground. And thus the Church can carry on. Until the conclusion of the “age”, or system of things as our ‘brothers’ would call it.

For those who read the bible without understanding the terminology of the period, it appears that Jehovah or Yahweh was a peevish murderess god who killed people simply because they didn’t support his chosen people. This is vastly different from the God of love and forgiveness apparently promoted by Jesus. However, once we know about the Qumran community which was a part of the Essene movement, we can see this for what it was. A disciplinary hearing that resulted in members being thrown out i.e. sent amongst the ‘dead’. A story of such a case was told in the book of Acts 5:1–11 of Ananias with Sapphira his wife. The term ‘young men’ used in this passage was not a reference of the age of the acolytes it was simply a normal Qumranian description for ‘novices’ which is the opposite of ‘elders’ I have also seen it referenced as ‘overseer’. Quite interesting that later Jehovah’s Witnesses would use a similar punishment. One could speculate that they used this information in forming their ‘judicial hearing’ process.

To be cast out amongst the ‘dead’ at this crucial time was a terrible punishment to those that believed the ‘kingdom of God was just around the corner’. Interesting similarities to say the least. In the Essenes movement when people were cast out they underwent a ‘temporary death’ by leaving the inner group and then latter being remitted. Now, this is where it gets interesting, Lazarus lost his nerve towards the end of Jesus life it just got too hard as he explains to his sisters Mary Magdalene and Martha, he was afraid and would have to leave the inner group. Mary tells Jesus that Lazarus would not have become one of the ‘dead’ if he was there to talk with him. Then what happens? Jesus goes out to find Lazarus and persuades him to be bold and rejoin the ‘living’.

Below is a piece of art at San Baudelio de Berlanga

By Sharon Mollerus — originally posted to Flickr as Raising Lazarus, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5781275

Lazarus is shown wrapped up like a mummy and placed in a black sarcophagus. Two seemingly holy women lift one end of the cover. Jesus touches the body of Lazarus with a long staff, which turns into a cross, and he is joined by a beardless figure with red hair, possibly St. John, who is holding a green book in his left hand. Jesus is shown with a yellow-crossed nimbus, red hair, and pointed beard, and he wears an orange tunic with wide sleeves under a green mantle. The disciple at the left, also depicted with red hair, is wearing a long grey tunic and dark blue mantle. Both the women have halos and they wear pale green-orange headdresses that fall over the shoulders. The background is divided by wide stripes of dark blue, violet, red, and green.

It appears to be a different story than was told to us. And bear in mind that the Jews just didn’t think it was a normal thing to go talk with dead rotting corpses.

Another observation is that another “initiate” is being anointed for “enlightenment”, notice the priest touching the student’s third eye, and where is this priests head? Right under the top of the triangle. This is a presentation of being a “Master”. The book that St John is holding, could it be the Emerald Tablets? Something to think about.

“By its nature Freemasonry espoused liberty of conscience, that liberty which was to become a watchword across the world in centuries to come, and it embraced the idea that it was possible for any person to achieve their own personal gnosis- knowledge of God, or understanding of the universe, without recourse to pope or preacher.” Solomon’s Power Brokers Christopher Knight and Alan Butler.

Written by Kerry Kaye

Writer Film Maker and Photographer

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