The Great Pyramid and Resurrection is there a connection?

So much is speculated in regards to the great pyramid of Giza. I have an obsession with old antiquity in literature. In my research I found this little bit interesting from the book, The House of the Hidden Places, By W. Marsham Adams, (1895) “What the concealed significance may be of that secret masonry; by whom, and for what purpose, the complex plan was designed; at what epoch the huge structure was erected, are questions which have perplexed many minds in many lands, and have resulted in a discord more akin to Babel, than to the grandeur of its silent majesty. It was built by the Jews in the days of their captivity, says, or rather said, one school of theorists. It was built by Chemmis, but attributed by Egyptians in hatred of him to the Shepherd Philition, is the account given by Herodotus. It was built by Ibn Salluk, say the Arabs, just before the Flood, to preserve the royal treasures from the predicted inundation. It was built by Melchisedec — or somebody — vehemently asserts the Scottish professor of astronomy, who seems always to write in a whirlwind of miscellaneous indignation. It was indisputably intended by the founder for his tomb, one party stoutly maintains, — a tomb in which he left especial instructions that he should not be buried, and in which nobody could possibly have been buried, replies another. It was an observatory, maintains a third, — where every place for observation was carefully closed up, retorts a fourth. It is the “prophetic floor-roll of human history,” screams Professor Smyth, — with all the dates gone wrong, softly sneers Mr. Flinders Petrie.”

Every scholar historian scientist of their time has had their say. Some of my friends will recognize Mr. Smyths name as it was common to quote about his exhibitions and findings. Charles Taze Russell used some of his works in building his ideology for the beginnings of his movement, as others.

Mr. Adams is also responsible for his work “The Book of the Master” giving us a long lost vision of the initiate's travels interior of the pyramid not for the likes of a sheer traveler whose quest is to visit this monument of monuments. But rather a place to be reborn. This ritual would take a person a lifetime to prepare for and the entire protocol shrouded in secret. To be illuminated was the goal.

The measurements of the pyramid are very interesting. A Dr. Davidson Scientist from England discovered that the line of measurement reviews our planet's true orbital year of 365.259 days in a year. The measurements converted from 36,525.6 inches. He continues by quoting Sir Isaac Newton in his investigations of the Hebrew Polar inch, which is the closest we have to an American or British inch.

Also in the view of a global flat map of the world, the Pyramid is dead center. It truly is a case of wonderment. Possibly a symbolic point to earth's enter of knowledge and illumination. How clever you would think if you were one to look at it from a clear scientific and mystic point of view. As stated in “The Book of the Master” by W. Marsham Adams 1898 the “Kings Chamber is a sarcophagus, not closed, but open; while the air channels, wherewith this deeply buried room is amply ventilated, proclaim that it is not a chamber of the dead, but of the living, corresponding to the place of resurrection where, in the final chapter of the Ritual, like Osiris is awakened from his slumbers.” A ritual of dead and rebirth to a demigod.

This ritual was recorded as practiced by the Essenes and other mystery schools as I mentioned in my last article, (See LINK here ) a group linked to Jesus, his family, and the Apostles. As I mentioned in my previous article the mention of Lazarus’s Resurrection could have been this type of ritual.

The practice of the ritual during Nisan 14, (The Last Supper) with a custom bread and drink which Christainanity adopted as the eucharist, takes place before this symbolic journey is to begin. Could this be a tonic of some sort to help the initiate during his journey into the dark night of the soul? Is it simply water or is it wine as the gospels speak of?

In “The Ancient Mysteries and Modern Masonry” by Reverend C H Vail, he goes into each culture and their very similar rituals within these schools. Even describing this dark night which lasted 3 days and on the third day, the initiate is then raised at sunrise to face the morning sun, which has risen.

To help understand this we need to look into the Mythic Christ versus the Mystic Christ. This mythic story of the Sun god is of utmost importance. It begins with his birth at the winter solstice, right after the shortest day of the year in the early morning hours of Dec 25th in the sign of Virgo in the rising of the horizon. He is born of a virgin who remains such after giving birth to her Sun-child, for the celestial Virgo is still unchanged. In the ancient drawings of Virgo of the Zodiac is represented as a women suckling a child which is where the origin of the Madonna and Child comes from.

The Gnostics treated the gospel legends, not as history, but as symbolic of cosmic processes and the drama of initiation. Justin Martyr gives us some evidence that the early Church did not understand these things in a literal sense. He says, “And when we say that the Word (Logos) which is the first begetting of God was begotten without intercourse, -Jesus Christ, our Master, — and that he was crucified, and was dead, and rose again and ascended into heaven, we bring forward no new thing beyond those among you who are called Sons of Zeus:-Hermes, the Sword (Logos), who was the interpreter and teacher of all: and Asclepios, who was also a healer and was smitten by the bolt [of his sire] and ascended into heaven, … [and many others]” (Quoted in Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Mead Vol. III, p.217.)

Once you are resurrected into “consciousness” you have a spiritual resurrection into life. No paradise-type existence here on earth. Paradise is internal, not external. How? By “knowing”

Jung said it best, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

The sort of Consciousness Jung is referring to isn’t the type of just functioning, it’s more than that otherwise, we would just be like the animals. No, he meant something more profound. Something which requires an evolution of mind. We are teased so to speak with these notions when we were taught that man is superior. And as Genisis says we’d have “dominion over”. A fall of man is a fall of Consciousness. For why do you think that the story of Adam and Eve in the garden was about Knowledge? This was a special kind of Knowledge. It was Gnosis “Knowledge of God”. Who had this type of knowledge? Why was it guarded? And Why has it been the center pointer of mankind’s fight thru out history and existence? As we move thru the ages man has evolved. But I think most don’t understand the extent or why the evolution. In the philosophical world, much has been written and weaved into our myths and legends. Could it be for those searching so that they would indeed find?

Our obsession doesn't end with the turn into the 20th century with folks like Brother Russell and others no, our forefathers' placement of this mystical image even on our dollar bill should be of interest, for it exchanges thru our hands daily. Available for all who understand its symbolic meaning. Hidden in plain sight.

Looking closer at it you will see it has crossed over the ocean into the New World-America so that the mystery is not lost in the ages but is reborn on new soil. Now again look at the dollar bills pyramid. At the tip-top or the eye, the all-seeing eye or the eye of Horus. This is the mystic illuminated peak of humanity. It comes down to this. In all our Spiritual paths we come to one place at the center of our map, our own soul's journey. We take our personal walk in darkness and our own mystical death to our Awakening into the light of the morning Sun and are reborn into the Light of Consciousness, or Christos.

So the next time you see a pyramid reflect on more than just a monument in the desert or jungle, but look at its special meaning to humanity our history of where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going.



Kerry is an Artist and Writer from California.

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Kerry Kaye Davies

Kerry Kaye Davies

Kerry is an Artist and Writer from California.